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Romeo (Stud)

Introducing Romeo, our exceptional stud from the renowned Little Monster Lineage. As a chocolate merle producer, Romeo brings elegance to the breeding world. With an impressive genetic profile, including 2x Tan: at/at, 2x BB, and 1x Blue: Dd, Romeo showcases a rich appearance with a mesmerizing touch of blue. He is in pristine health and has a proven track record of producing outstanding offspring. 


Isabella (Dam) 

Meet Isabella, our exceptional French Bulldog. With a heart of gold and a regal demeanour, she rules our home. Intelligent and eager to learn, she loves a challenge and delights in pleasing her human companions. Isabella's affectionate nature makes her a favorite for snuggles and her playful antics bring smiles. A fiercely loyal protector, she's always on guard and quick to defend. We feel blessed to have her and if you're seeking a French Bulldog with intelligence, loyalty, and affection, Isabella is the perfect choice.


Little Bit (Dam)


Introducing Little Bit, the daughter of Isabella. She embodies the exceptional qualities of her parents - strong, independent, and fiercely loyal. As a dedicated mother, Little Bit ensures her puppies' well-being, providing them with love and care for healthy growth. With her nurturing nature and gentle disposition, she excels as a maternal figure. Little Bit is a testament to her lineage and brings joy to all in our breeding program.


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